Monday, June 3, 2013

6 Week Puppy Challenge!

Happy Rainy, Humid Monday Boston!

So I feel like I've fallen off the wagon a bit- with running, crossfit, eating, AND blogging.

To get back on track and try to feel overall better before this summer is over, the boyfriend and I are starting a 6 week challenge. This won't necessarily be 100% Paleo (will include things like quinoa, greek yogurt, peanut butter, etc), but it will be 100% cleaner eating and more regular exercise. The end goal will not necessarily be to watch numbers fall from the scale (though I will weigh myself before and after)...but I will take body measurements, and just record how I feel overall. For the record, right now I'm feeling pretty Blah.

The thing is- we needed an "end" date. A date to look forward to that that wasn't so far away that we lost interest, but was far enough away that we could work towards measurable results. Hmmm...What could be a  cool event happening in our lives that takes place somewhere in late July-early August....


So today is day 1. I'll be blogging here MUCH more to keep myself accountable. I'll be posting my workouts and a lot of what I eat.

So let's get started! This morning's breakfast was a Two Ingredient Pancake topped with Trader Joes crunchy peanut tea with almond milk on the side.

Also, I still need to do a race recap of the John Kelley Half Marathon from last weekend :)

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