Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Overwhelmed with Olive

So what's been going on lately over here?

The puppy has arrived!! We picked up Olive about 10 days ago today. We named her Olive after a little Olive tree that we have growing in a pot in our kitchen. No real other rhyme or reason to it.
She is the greatest little puppy ever. She's super smart, spunky, and overall obedient. It doesn't hurt that she's freaking adorable too.

This puppy has a LOT of energy. As I sit here writing, she is going absolutely insane over a bunch of tissue paper I gave her to play with. Bill and I really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into with an 8 week old puppy. We knew it would take a lot of time and patience, but we didn't really know just how much energy it would take to keep her fully trained and entertained. We've been sleeping in shifts and neither one of us has really been able to fully relax. The good side is that Bill works from home so he can spend lots of time with her during the day.

Needless to say, I'm tired. My schedule has pretty much become wake up ~5, take Olive out to poop/pee, give Olive breakfast, try to tire her out before 6am crossfit/Run,  (if it doesn't work, Crossfit/Run doesn't happen)commute , work, commute, eat dinner, take Olive out to pee/poop, feed Olive, play with Olive to tire her out before bed, sleep. Basically it's Olive's world and we're just living in it :)

My marathon training hasn't taken too much of a beating from it...yet. I did my 11 mile run on Monday, did a Yoga for Runners podcast on Tuesday, and now I'm mustering up the energy to go for my 5 mile Wednesday run.

What I really want to do right now is this...