Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Back at it

Guess what! I ran yesterday and today... pain free! Granted they were both super short distances... yesterday I did 3.5 miles and today I did 2 directly after crossfit.

Though these distances aren't huge, I'm really happy that I feel like I'm in a place to start training again. Speaking of training, next week begins my MARATHON TRAINING. dun dun dun. I went with Hal Higdon's website for ideas since I've used him in the past for halfs with success. I'm going with the 18 week Novice 2 plan. The Novice I is also for beginners, but that plan makes me feel like a wimp. Then I looked at the Intermediate, and though I think I could handle the mileage, I know I wouldn't be able to balance is with other crosstraining (crossfit/yoga/etc).

To kick off this grand training plan, I have a half marathon is weekend. HAHA. seriously. I haven't run more than 10 miles in a week in quite a few weeks due to a variety of issues. Here's to hoping crossfit is all you need to train for a race like that... heh....

Other great news, our puppy was born today! A few months ago we found a corgi breeder in New Hampshire who was having a litter. We sent in a down payment and we've been anxiously waiting ever sinnce. We get to go pick out the pup in 4 weeks and then take em home 4 weeks after that. We have yet to decide on a name though....

Though i don't care that no one reads this blog, sometimes it'd be cool to have readers to help me with questions. Like, have you ever run a half marathon with no training at all? And more importantly, what would you name a corgi puppy?

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