Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy National Running Day!

This week I've been a good little marathon trainer, sticking to my plan every day! Here's what's been happenin:

Yesterday I went to 6am Crossfit for the first time in a while. Now that's it's warm and bright out at 6am, the class is much more crowded. During the winter there would usually be 4-5 people in the 6 am class, and yesterday there was ~12. The more the merrier!

3x5 negative pull ups
2x5 dips (blue band)

WOD: 4 Rounds for Time
  • 4 Squat Cleans (75#)
  • 8 Deadlifts (75#)
  • 200m run

This workout took me 11:20. It was a good one! The combination of leg strength work in the squats & deadlifts + fast short runs left me super exhausted. Surprisingly my legs feel good today, but my arms and back are super tight. super super super.

Today I went for a 5 mile run around JP pond after work. I was feeling pretty tired for most of it so it definitely wasn't my fastest run ever. Oh well, 5 miles is 5 miles when my goal right now is to just get my weekly mileage up.

Then I came home and made this ugly dinner. Chicken, mashed caulilower, sauteed mushrooms. It was a pretty bland meal, but I was tired and it did the trick.

Now I have a tummy ache while watching the Bruins. There's 8 minutes left in the third, and I have no hope of staying awake for the finish. Bedtime for this old lady.

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