Saturday, January 5, 2013

For serious

Ok. I'll start blogging now. Seriously.

First things first, I made a new training plan. It is a mix of the original Hal Higdon plan + crossfit. So far it's going....pretty well. I haven't really stuck to it since I haven't been doing crossfit since I went home for Xmas, but I've more or less stuck to my prescribed weekly mileage

Ta da! The distances in bold are what the training plan calls for, and below it I write what I actually did.

As you can see, it hasn't been going great but I am proud that
1.) I actually did a 7 mile run the week of Christmas at home
2.) I actually woke up, manned up, and ran a 10k on New Years day. I somewhat regretted signing up for the race at ~10:30 New Years Eve night when I knew I'd soon have to cool it with the Angry Orchard Ciders...but man was a happy to do it. Bring it on 2013!

Tomorrow is a 9 mile day. HA. We'll see how that goes. The plan is to start the 9 around 8am, then end up in Ball Square area for 10am yoga with friends.

Aaand I'll be starting my crossfit membership up again on Monday. yippee.

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