Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Crazy Catch Up

So Wednesday nights have become my weekly "watch-the-crossfit-opens-while-eating freshly baked chocolate-chip-cookies" night and its awesome. The cookies are paleo so that makes them healthy right? man, I am becoming totally brainwashed with this whole thing.

I feel like I have lots to talk about but I'll just stick to workouts...

Crossfit & Yoga
Friday started nice and early with the 6am WOD. Friday means Crossfit Games at CWCF, so I knew what I was coming in to. The 13.4 WOD consisted of
7 min AMRAP
3 Clean & Jerk
3 Toes to Bar
6 Clean & Jerk
6 Toes to Bar
9 C&J
9 T2B....increasing 3 each round

The RX for this was 95 pounds, but that wasn't happening seeing at 95 is  my current 1 rep max and I have yet to be able to do Toes to Bar at all. I chose 65# and did knees to elbows. I ended up getting through 47 reps. Meh, not super proud of this but it was a good workout nonetheless!

Woke up and headed out to morning crossfit. Saturday's are "members only" classes, which are almost always partner/group WODs that go for a longer amount of time. Saturday's WOD (for girls) was:
22 min AMRAP:

  • 7000 lb deadlift buy in
  • 50 front squats
  • 400 m run
  • 15 kettle bell swings

The buy in meant that we had to lift a total number of reps at a weight to equal 7000lbs (guys had to do 10000 lb). So if you had a 100lb bar, you would have to do 70 reps together. The trick was that we had to use the same bar for the deadlifts and the front squats. My partner Courtney and I chose a 65# bar, which meant ~108 reps to lift a total of 7000 pounds. This ended up not being too bad. Front squats were next, which I kind of despise, especially since my chest bruise was finally starting to heal. We traded off sets of 50 until we reached 50. The 400 m run was my favorite part of the workout, giving the legs a chance to loosen out. When coming back into the gym, we immediately started on the KB swings (26#), trading off 15 and 15. We ended up finishing 3 rounds + 11 reps.

The rest of Saturday was great. Bill and I went on a South Shore roadtrip, driving all along the ocean. Oysters and wine. yes please

Running & Hot Yoga
Sunday I did my first "long run" in a while. By long run i mean, longer than what I woiuld usually do for fun. It was a great day though, warm and sunny. The temperature actually rose from 39 degrees to 57 degrees throughout my run. Layers were good thinkin

6 miles total out to the Tufts campus and back. It took 56 minutes, which is about a 9:16 pace. I'm happy with that for the longest run I've done since January. My legs were also pretty dead from the previous days crossfit workout so it felt good to push. 

After the run, I did some errands and house cleaning before heading to a 90 minute Baptiste Power Yoga class in the afternoon. I bought a groupon for Baptiste Yoga a few weeks ago, but I've had a hard time fitting it in between running and crossfit. I really love those classes. So. Damn. Sweaty. 

rest day! Monday I was wiped. Regardless of good sleep, I was just dead the whole day. The long run + 90 minute hot yoga the day before took more out of me than I thought. Hamstrings especially were just donezo. Must hydrate.

I meant to run this day but nope. I did end up making it to 630 pm Crossfit though. The next few week's will be dedicated to finding our 1 rep maxes on different lifts. Yesterday we focused on the Clean and Jerk. 1 Rep Max WODs are set up the following style:
Basically we did 5 reps at a weight we were comfortable with to warm up, 3 at a higher weight, the sets of 1 adding weight each time until we either couldn't get the bar up or we lost our form. I maxed out at 95#. I tried adding the 5 lb up to 100, but I just couldnt get the bar overhead. I managed to clean that weight but was having a lot of trouble getting under the bar to lock it out overhead. Oh well, 95 lb is cool! I've never C&J'd anything over 65 :)

Wednesday (Today)
You guessed it, another day of crossfit with no running. I woke up this morning and got my butt to the 6am WOD, which was
Minute 1: max pull ups (I used blue & black bands)
Minute 2: max wall balls (14# ball)
Minute 3: max pushups (I did most on my knees)
Minute 4: rest
Minute 5: Max Toes to Bars (I did knees to elbows)
Minute 6: Max Air Squats
Minute 7: Max Broad Jumps
Challenge: 2 minutes of double unders

I didn't really keep count for any of the sets in this workout. Oops. There's only so much my brain can handle at 6am. It was a good workout though. I ended up doing 100 abmat situps at the end of class though just to get in a little more work for my core.

My plan was to go for a short 3ish mile run after work today. I headed home, got changed, then realized I left my apartment keys in my car (Bill borrowed my car to go out with friends when I got home). So I was unfortunately under house arrest, unable to leave without getting locked out. Oh well, i'll run tomorrow.

And that's everything!
That post took a long time. Must get better at posting about workouts the day of.

I'm also going to start posting more about what I eat. Not because I think anyone cares (or even reads this?) but for my own personal tracking.

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