Monday, April 8, 2013

Cohasset Race by the Sea 10k

Yesterday Albert, Stacey, and I ran the Cohasset Race by the Sea 10k. Such a fun and pretty race! At least half the race was directly along the ocean, but MAN was it hilly.

Here's the three of us before the race start:

The weather was supposed to be in the high 50s and sunny, but the high winds ended up making it feel MUCH chillier than we expected. One more complaint: my legs were dead. Crossfit the day before really kicked by butt, and I felt like cement the whole time. There wasn't one step of the 6.2 miles that I didn't feel like molasses. oh well, fun time nontheless!

The race started at 1pm in quaint downtown Cohasset. This was definitely the latest start time I've ever had in a race. Wayyyy better than those 4-5am wake ups for past 7am races I've had...

The race started right on time and was pretty crowded at the start. This guy was in front of me for a while wearing wearing moon-ski-boot

After Mile 1, we race started getting close to the water...

The views just got prettier and prettier going through miles 2-3

Miles 3-4 were directly on the water for almost the whole time. People who lived in their big ocean-side mansions came out to cheer us on.

 Hill of DEATH at around mile 4. This is where the race turned inland away from the water:
 I lost Stacey for the first 5 miles of the race, but right around the 5 mile marker I spotted her up ahead (blue sweatshirt/black pants up ahead in the picture below). My one goal became to catch Stacey!
At about Mile 5.8, I finally caught her and we crossed the finish line together. See our times prove it:

There was fruit and hot dogs for post race eats:

 Then we were off to Mary Lous for some delicious coffees :) The usual Peanut Butter Wonderful for me! Milky Way for Stacey and Tiramisu for Wong.

I'd definitely do the Cohasset 10k again next year. The course was gorgeous, and next time I'll be ready for those hills!

Today was a rest day for me. I did the 8 minute plank workout from carrotsncake, but nothing else major.

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