Sunday, March 17, 2013


2.5 months later...I'm still here! Here's the long story-short:

  • I hurt my ankle early January
  • It took a few weeks to be able to comfortably walk (let alone run) again
  • I kept up with Crossfit
  • I started a 6 week paleo-diet challenge
  • I pulled out of the Boston Marathon pool
  • I started running (a little) in early Feb
  • I kept up with Crossfit
  • I ran a 5k in early March and almost PR'd (20 seconds off)
  • I signed up for the Wineglass Marathon on October 6th
  • I got strep throat

And here I am! So lots has happened. The past few months have just not been good for me in terms of training for a Spring marathon- physically and mentally. I am beyond excited for the Wineglass in October and I know I can do it. Although my mileage hasn't been up, crossfit has kept me strong and switching to a paleo-focused diet (though not 100%, I work for a brewery people...) has made me feel so much lighter and healthier.

The strep throat is a hiccup, but I'll get through it soon (woo antibiotics). Back to regular running later in the week!

For now, Happy St Paddy's Day all. Strep throat has kept me away from green beer, so Slainte with a green smoothie!

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