Monday, December 3, 2012

So. Worst blogger ever. I start a blog and then immediately forget about it for 3+ weeks.

But, here I am ! Better late than never. And I haven't been exactly sitting around and twiddling my thumbs for the past 3 weeks either. The end of November was filled with a lot of this:

and this:

A little bit of this:

And definitely some of this:

Yep! Bill and I spent 10 days in Ireland over Thanksgiving. 10 full and wonderful days of Guinness, meat pies, potatoes, cheese, whiskey, and...tummy aches. But all tummy aches forgotten, it was a great time. Running was not a priority whatsoever. I did attempt to go on one "run", though ended up dropping my iphone (most expensive mistake ever argh) after I was a mile out. Oh wells.

And now we are home. Happy and full and ready to be productive once again. The morning after we got back from Ireland, the jet lag was in my favor. I was up and ready to run at 5am, despite the freezing temps and pitch darkness The morning looked a little like this:

I tried doing warmups while my garmin took FOREVER playing this little game:

That morning i did a solid 4 miles. Then did another 4 last Thursday at the same time with the same condition.

I've been keeping the running a little slow because last week I also started a new fitness endeavor:

YUP crossfit! Last Tuesday I started my On Ramp class, which goes every Tues, Thurs, and Sat for 3 weeks. We learn the basics of crossfit including terminology, movements, safe lifting technique, nutrition advice, etc. I'll do a full review of workouts and first impressions later...for now it's dinnertime.

This is on the menu.


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