Saturday, November 10, 2012

Just Do It

 The 2013 Boston Marathon is officially 155 days, 18 hours, and 53 minutes away.(Ahh!)

This will be my first marathon. (Ahhh!) I'm starting this blog so that I have a place to talk about it...because I know I'm going to want to talk..a lot. (And quite frankly I'm sure my boyfriend will get tired of hearing about it  sometimes :) )

Boston Marathon day in Boston is my favorite day of the year. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm like a kid on Christmas that day. This year it's time to stop talking about wanting to do it and just do it (no nike pun intended).


This blog will be where I'll

  • log my progress in my training plan
  • discuss the balance of training with work/relationships/my love of beer
  • discuss the balance of running with other activities (Crossfit/yoga/biking/etc)
  • vent about running when I hate it
  • praise running when I love it
  • write about why the heck i want to do this
  • and whatever else I feel like  :)

So here is my (version 1) training plan, taken from Hal Higdon's website. I've used his plans a few times (for half marathons) in the past  and like them a lot:

GAH. that's a lot of miles.

I say version 1 because this will definitely not be my set in stone training plan for the whole 6 months. Between work, crossfit, weather (yes I'm a wuss when it comes to cold, heat, snow, rain, wind, darkess, you name it), and any other lemons life throws my way, some of the days on this plan will get moved around.
Stay tuned for version 2.

So! Before ending this post, I'll do a quick recap of today's run! Since the official training plan doesn't start for about a month, I'll be running ~3x a week to get ready.

Today I did 5 miles around Somerville, Cambridge, and the river. Weather was perfect:

Since I haven't run in a bit and my knee has been bothering me, I stuck to the dirt path along the river instead of pavement.

Donezo. Nice and slow. Happy Saturday!

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